how it works!

The patented “spin” label is actually two labels, a top label and a bottom label. As the consumer spins the top label,  information on the bottom label is revealed through a window, thus increasing labeling space on a package by approximately 75%.

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why SpinLabel?

Now with a “simple turn of the label” your customer can learn the benefits of your product and the reasons for purchasing.

SpinLabel…It’s informative, it’s fun, it’s easy, it drives revenue!

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SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. is a Florida based company dedicated to building and licensing its unique labeling technology that builds brand value by engaging current and prospective customers in the shopping corridor and at home.

SpinLabel’s proprietary, patented label technology enables a spinning label (an outer label over an inner label) to almost double the valuable messaging space on a container.  SpinLabel is aligned with top label manufacturers globally to facilitate easy integration into most types of existing consumer product packaging.

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