About SpinLabel Technologies

SpinLabel is now available for global commercial application 

SpinLabel Technologies is a licensing company with a patented labeling technology for containers, bottles and cups.

SpinLabels will become a familiar mainstream supermarket and drug store billboard in a variety of categories. Early adopters should contact us and take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate through campaigns that:

  • —Solve a meaningful problem facing the business and/or the decision maker
  • —Foster behavioral changes that support and drive desired outcomes for the business
  • —Reward high value customers, building loyalty to the business, brand and/or service

We are aligned with leading global label manufacturers and SpinLabels are available in most major packaging formats.

SpinLabel provides a unique label product that enables:

  • Valuable messaging space on a container, almost 2x current area
  • Dynamic and flexible marketing platforms, in the hands of current and prospective consumers
  • Broad range of applications from food products to otc drugs, from nutritional supplements to toys
  • Links to interactive applications, sites, QR codes, social media/lifestyle 
connections and other consumer engagement opportunities
  • Real estate for facts, DFU’s, warnings – improving outcomes through improved customer communication
  • Multi-language labels – reducing SKU’s and clutter, reinforcing corporate diversity ethos
  • Corporate communications, brand stories, product benefits, testimonials and usage suggestions
  • Cross sell and promotion opportunities

SpinLabel holds an extensive patent portfolio, including:

Apparatus and Method For Increasing An Effective Information Carrying Surface Area On A Container 5,809,674
Apparatus and Method for Constructing a Rotatable Label Device 5,884,421
Rotating Label System And Method 6,086,697
Rotatable Label System And Method Of Constructing Same 6,129,802
Rotatable Label System Including Tamper-Evident Feature And Method For Constructing Same 6,385,878
Roll-Fed Method For Constructing A Rotatable Label System 6,237,269
Rotatable Label System On A Drinking Vessel And Method Of Constructing Same 6,212,803
Rotatable Label For Pharmaceutical Container And Method For Constructing Same 6,649,007
Rotating Label System and Method 6,402,872
Roll-Fed Method For Constructing A Rotatable Label System 6,631,578
Rotating Label System And Method 7,087,298
A Rotatable Label System and Method 7,172,668
High-Speed Expanded Content Labels 8,709,198
Progress Tracking Aid Labeling For Medication Containers 8,814,217
Machine Readable Information Interface for a Container 8,727,220
Container With a Recessed Panel D706624
Container Having a Recessed Panel D706625


Exclusive and non-exclusive category licenses are currently being negotiated. Contact us at bizdev@spinlabels.com.

Click here to download the SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. brochure.