SpinLabel For Beverage

You can distinguish your brand(s) at the point of purchase. The customer is likely to continue rotating the label after purchasing, providing additional attention to your message. Marketing and Advertising teams love the incremental space and the opportunity to get the customer to touch the bottle, which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Here are a few ideas to stimulate thoughts related to your brands:

Games, Trivia & Fun Can Drive Purchase and Repurchase

  • Fun Games, Trivia & Animation Help Build Brand Loyalty With Adults and Children
  • Continuity theme in label can drive repurchase
  • Perfect For Entertainment Tie-Ins
  • Virtually unlimited cross branding in and outside of line
  • QR codes, price promotions, larger size upsells



Recipes & Additional Usage

Interactive Experience at POP and at Home Drives Incremental Revenue.

  • Perfect for cocktail and drink recipes – drive ancillary sale of more units at POP
  • Interactive fun with barrier grid animation – drives re-purchase
  • Additional connection with the brand at home

Multiple Languages

 Communicate In Different Languages

  • Add multiple language translations
    • Drives additional Purchase
    • Potentially reduces sku’s
  • Tailored Cross Sell Opportunity by Language Panel

Instant Redeemable Coupons

InstaScan Instant Coupon Program

  • Coupon Is Redeemable At Checkout
  • Encourages Multiple Product Purchases At Each Store Visit
  • Extended Content Shows Through Top Label Window
  • Multiple Coupons On The Base Label



Under The Cap Promotions Tied Into Label Message

It’s new and fun…

  • Great For Contests And Promotions
  • Match Code Under The Cap To A Code On The Label To Win
  • Direct Consumer To Website To Redeem Prize
  • Multiple Prizes / Chances To Win Per Base Label


All Artwork Concept Only  •  Disney® Twist N Chill