How SpinLabel Works


How SpinLabel Works


As the consumer rotates the top label, information on the inner stationary label is revealed through windows or clear panels. These windows provide up to seventy five percent more space for information.

SpinLabel is possible with several label application technologies:

– Full body shrink sleeve
– 2-Ply Pressure Sensitive
– Roll-Fed
– Cut & Stack

SpinLabel provides a unique label product that enables:

– Valuable messaging space on a container, almost 2x current area
– Dynamic and flexible marketing platforms, in the hands of current and prospective consumers
– Real estate for drug facts, dosing information, DFU’s, warnings – improving outcomes through improved patient compliance and education
– Multi-language labels – reducing SKU’s and clutter, reinforcing corporate diversity ethos
– Corporate communications, brand stories, product benefits, testimonials and usage suggestions
– Cross sell and cross promotion copy
– Links to interactive applications, sites, QR codes, social media/lifestyle
– Connections and other consumer engagement opportunities