SpinLabel For Pharmaceutical Products

Learn more about the benefits of SpinLabel for Pharma in the video below.


The SpinLabel is a major advancement in OTC packaging that let’s users make informed decisions on what brands to buy and how to use them. For information on licensing opportunities, click here.


Private Label

The SpinLabel gives private label manufacturers the ability to offer their customers a whole new line of SKUs using patented technology only available through SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. Click here to set up an appointment to speak with a SpinLabel representative.


Store Brands

The SpinLabel enhances a store brand’s appeal. Not only can store brands beat national brands on price, they now can offer a product point of differences that can influence a consumer’s purchase decision right at the point-of-sale. Contact us here.


Accurate Dosing By Weight

  • Pediatricians agree that for effective treatment, weight, not age, determines accurate dose
  • Simply turn the label to take the guesswork out of dosing
  • Turn the label and match the child’s weight to find the proper dose
  • Exclusive Patented Weight Based Dosing Rotating Label
  • Add your own private label brand

Usage/Consumer Education

Teach Consumers About Your Product

  • Educational content
  • Show consumers the benefit of your product
  • Multiple panels on the base label

Easy-To-Read Label

Double Type Size For Seniors

  • Helps Prevent Dosing Errors And Health Issues
  • Specifically Target Important Directions/Warnings
  • Extended Content Shows Through Top Label Window
  • Go From 4.5pt to 9pt Type
  • Multiple Panels On The Base Label


Go Green

Eliminate The Carton

  • Larger 6pt Type Printed On The Base Label
  • Dosing Cup Shrink Wrapped To The Container
  • Extended Content Shows Through Top Label Window
  • Multiple Panels On The Base Label

Reach Out To ALL Your Consumers

Multiple Languages & Product ID

  • Communicate In Multiple Languages
  • Product Identification Helps Reduce Patient Overdose/Under Dose Errors
  • Extended Content Shows Through Top Label Window
  • Multiple Panels On The Base Label


Remind Consumer To Take Medication

Dosing Reminders

  • Hourly/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Dosing Reminder
  • Helps Eliminate Dosing Errors Or Non-Compliance
  • Top Label Slides Up Or Down To Reveal Reminder Area
  • Consumer Marks Label Each Time They Take Their Medication

Show Benefits Of Your Product

Symptom/Solution Illustrations

  • Directly Show Consumer Where Your Product Works
  • Added Color Change Or Barrier Grid Movement Visually Shows Symptom/Solution
  • Extended Content Shows Through Top Label Window(s)
  • Multiple Panels On The Base Label


All Artwork Concept Only