SpinLabel for Water

SpinLabel transforms your water bottle into a dynamic and flexible marketing platform. With SpinLabel you can deliver information, savings and services to your customers directly on every bottle.

  • Promote your casino, hotel, restaurant and more.
  • Offer special discounts and exclusives for food, shows, transportation, entertainment, local attractions, night clubs, salon and spa services.
  • Multiple panels per bottle means multiple promotional opportunities.


The Possibilities

  • Generate advertising revenue when you share 4 to 6 panels on the base label with your chosen partners for specials, discounts, or cross promotions. This ad revenue could be additional income for your business or help subsidize the cost of the water.
  • Provide water in each guest room and sell on a per bottle basis, include in room fee or include in honor bar refrigerator.
  • Sell water at retail, hotel gift shop, hotel pool, shows & concerts, restaurants, cold boxes, and by cocktail hosts.
  • Use discount codes to capture what customers are purchasing.



Private Label Water

Custom, Interactive, Entertaining

  • Promote your brand on every bottle.
  • Cross promote other products, properties, specials and more.
  • Multiple panels per bottle means multiple promotional opportunities.


All Artwork Concept Only.